Workshop on how to get Recruited with Worlds Top IT Giants by Mr. Amolakhnath Segal


It was Day full of Learning with Mr. Amolakhnath Segal Lead Human Resource, Cognizant on 19/08/2017.

As we grown up learning the basics of life that we should plan and do our things accordingly is the only key to success says Amolakhnath during his workshop with students of Gulzar Group of Institutes.

He covered topics like “how to get recruited with the world’s top IT Giant and “What are the key Ingredients to become industry ready.

While delivering his Topic Amolknath did a lot of useful Interaction with students and also gave them a chance to ask their heart out and resolved all the confusion they were carrying in their mind.

Attendees enjoyed the way he delivered all the topics with his experiences of life and also explained everything in a great manner which made us understand all that he was delivering.

It was a wonderful day with such a Celebrity Human Resource which ends up giving us lot of Teachings about Industry and Industry Related Practices for Hiring.