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Swayam is the best resource of self learning including certificate courses, for students of engineering, management, education, science, humanities, mathematics and general studies.

Swayam is initiated by Government of India under the aegis of AICTEAll India Council For Technical Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development. National Technical Teacher Training  Institute is equally sharing the responsibility to provide skill development content for this platform.

Swayam  is all about Life-Long Self Improvement

The education is no more restricted to University defined curriculum. Self learning is the new reality. As we all get connected through the world wide web, each one of us has access and understanding of latest developments in the world. Ignorance is not an excuse any more.

Almost every student realizes what needs to be done to develop his or her skills.  What is required is that one should have the desire to learn. The availability of learning material online gives an excellent opportunity for the students, to learn, at their own pace and convenience.

Why Self Learning

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the AXE

Abraham Lincoln

Dreams come true only for those who realize the importance of self improvement who make a conscious effort in self learning. For those, who do not restrict themselves to a defined curriculum. For those, who do not deny themselves the opportunity of self learning.

Learn The Art of Self Learning

Self Learning is the master key of success. More so,in the fast changing world of technology today. The learning is no more restricted to one subject. It is no more restricted to joining a school, college or university. It is no more restricted to age.

More so, students who decide to learn, the best move forward or the successful first step is Start Small. The logic is simple. Learn about wiring before you decide to build a generator or power plant. Join one course and make a patient effort to learn the art of self-learning. Follow the process as described. Do not jump. Take every small test, answer every question, in the course. Do not jump. Do not hurry up.

The art of self-learning may be, for many. Besides that, a little difficult in the beginning. But once you learn the art – you would concur even the most difficult subjects or skill through self learning. That is what needs to be achieved. Be it your student life or professional, this habit would make you much more confident and successful.

Swayam and Other Resources of Self Learning

While “Swyam” is a great tool to start. Having said that, let your online self learning, however, be limited to Swyam. This may indeed help to know many resources of self-learning. Here is the list for your ready reference.

Students of GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes are recommended to join the courses available to enhance their skills on Swyam. Joining as a team and hand holding each other, would be of great advantage. Motivate each other to pursue the courses.

Motivation of Self Learning

Most noteworthy is, many a successful professionals are passionate learners. They openly recommend self-learning. Staying in touch with them is a powerful self motivation.

How do you stay in touch with them. How to join the network of self learners is the next big and important question. No worries, start surfing Search for Self Learning and read for yourself what each one is learning and how.

If you have come so far, it’s time to celebrate. You have crossed the most difficult mile stone of self learning and self improvement.

It is time to start and join