MOU Signed With RedHat Academy To Benefit Computer Science Students

Red Hat Academy Signs MOU with GGI - Gulzar Group of Institutes
Red Hat Academy and GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes sign an MOU to enhance the practical and application skills of computer science students

Every solution starts with sharing a problem. In Computer Science, sharing of #ideas and discussing and debating them, works wonders for each one of us, more so for students.

#RedHat is the first open-source company to cross $2 billion valuation. GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes is so pleased to sign a memorandum of understanding MOU to open #RedHatAcademy at GGI Campus.

Creation is always an act of curiosity and collaboration. Red Hat Academy offers the opportunity for students to see the act of creation, curiosity and collaboration on real life computer science projects.

Working On Real Life Projects For Computer Science Students Holds The Key To Success

The challenge for the Computer Science students is, to work on real life problems. The open source platform by Red Hat, offers the opportunity for open source real life challenges on any project.

The benefit of this open source networked working is the exposure, the student gets, on national and international projects.

How do big project gets coded. More so in a networked working atmosphere. “Red Hat Open Source” is proven way to learn networking and collaboration to create technology. The freedom to see the code and learn, to ask questions and offer improvements.

More so, this learning implementation and coding, can never ever be substituted by classroom studies.

In addition to that, what we understand with Red Hat Academy is working as a network. This gives you the freedom to work from home. The diversity of experience, skills, nationalities working together is a key learning.

When the best ideas win, you can’t lose.

Most Importantly, what we learn is that “No idea is too small to be ignored”. The day we start respecting our ideas – we become a solution thinker and put our self on a journey to create something new.