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#CampusJobPlacements at GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes.

#JobPlacements always make us a little nervous. Getting selected is considered a sign of #success. And not getting selected gives a feeling of a loss.

Each successful placement at GGI, where many of the GGI students get placed, reflects that the companies are looking for #talent pool like you.

What is important to know, that the one who gets the job is not-a-best-talent but the-right-talent for that particular job assignment in a particular company.

Those of you, who appear for the job selections, may or may not know the exact job assignment or the required profile. But the HR manager, precisely knows, the kind of #skills and #profile of the person, he is looking for.

Each one of you is competent. And would carve a path of success for yourself. And it shall be much sooner, much better than you think.