Networking in College – The Simple Basic Tips


Hey Students, let us talk about networking, today. We shall discuss how to develop and nurture your network for long term career advantage.

Networking in College

Networking, is the most important skill to develop in college time. In fact, it is a  powerful career building tool you must focus on right from start. The challenge is, you would not find it as part of class room training. It cannot, of course be taught in hotel management lecture. Neither would it find a place in robotics and automation lab.

To some extent, mass communication and journalism may stress on importance of networking. Again, the scope of network sales is well understood and finds a place in management studies. But most of the students need to learn the skill on your own. Having said that, this write-up would help you learn the basics step by step.

How Networking Starts

The opportunity to network starts the day you take your first step in college. More so at @GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes. “Anubhav” which means “experience the new” is an induction program, specially designed for freshers to get convenient with new environment in college. The program at GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes is organized and conducted by senior students with active participation of many as volunteers. It is an opportunity for freshers to get familiar and network with faculty and staff as well as other students.

Start Networking Today
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Networking Starts From Day One
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Be A World Citizen.
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Networking is a continuous process

In a recent interaction with a student who joined as Graduate Industrial Trainee with an engineering company, what worked for him was his network with alumni students. Yes, this student had the advantage. His stay at GGI Hostels provided him an extra ordinary big advantage in networking and staying connected with his seniors. This however, only works if you stay connected and nurture your relationships. Staying in regular touch is all the more easy, but the initiative must come from you.

What we all need to understand is, it may sound a little difficult or awkward to begin. But once you start understanding how it helps, you would in all probability never ever stop. Please note

Ideas do not make you rich. It is the correct execution of ideas.

Each one of you have so wonderful ideas. That would not make you rich. What makes you successful is the correct execution of ideas. The successful execution is a team effort. Effort of different people with different skill set. Each one contributing his effort and skills. How this group takes shape is not a matter of chance but conscious effort. It is that simple, whom would you call for help, people in your first network.

Studying together and sharing it both formally and informally helps in evolving a culture of acquiring new knowledge and new skills. Each discussion builds up an understanding of the subject and prepares you for industry.

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