#IndustrialVisit by students of #BSc #AgricultureScience


Before we get into more details of the #IndustrialVisitby students of #BSc #AgricultureScience at GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes, it is important to understand about the changing role of #Agriculturein a country’s economy.

Surprising it may sound, but as the GDP of a country progresses, the share of Agriculture as percentage of GDP decreases. For example, in 1950s, Agriculture was 52% of GDP and in 2018 it is 14% in India.

The share of Agriculture in underdeveloped #Africais much high, but is reducing as African economies are getting industrialized and progressing fast.

The surprising factor is even the people employed in Agriculture starts reducing as the Agriculture gets mechanized.

Agriculture becomes more scientific – and you play that role.
As Graduates in Agriculture Science, your role is not just limited to Maximizing Agriculture Production but understand and work on Value Addition.

First Look at how it is being done today is always a great experience. How was it today ?!