Industrial Visit by Students of #Diploma in #Engineering at#Samsung Skill Center#


Students of #Diploma in #Engineering at GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes do #IndustrialVisit at #SamsungSkillCenter.

Enterprising and young have to adapt to changing realities of the #ProfessionalWorld. The #NextGen #Centers and parts, is an opportunity estimated to be worth 22000 crores. It generates millions of jobs in the unorganized sector.

Real Life Skills, open up many opportunities. Students, got the exposure to understanding the training environment, infrastructure and related opportunity.

The 51 students on this Industrial Visit learnt about :
1. PLC
2. Function of Drive and their application.
3. HMI, SCADA and their application.
4. Application of #Automation in Industry
5. Benefits of Real Life Skills

The #SamsungSkillCenters are being run under #SkillIndiaProgram by Ministry of MSME, Government of India. This kind of skill based program, is worth considering during your study break.