Gulzar Annual Quiz was conducted on the 26th of May, 2017 in the seminar hall at 3 P.M. It was hosted by Ambassador Deepak Vohra, who has taken the event by storm. It was attended by the students, staff and faculty members with great enthusiasm and zeal. There were 4 teams from the School of Engineering and Commerce. Students from Dept of Automation & Robotics, Computer Science, Civil Engineering and Dept of Commerce were the participants and they competed with each other by giving tough competition to one another. The students sitting in the Audience have enjoyed every moment and they were cheering up their classmates to take the winning trophy. Entire event and the evening were filled with unlimited joy and high spirits. The proud feeling of the teaching fraternity was worth watching when their respective teams were answering to the complex questions thrown by the host of the show.
Questions from all walks of life were put to the participants, starting from Mythology, Geography, Science, History, India, Health, Sports and Nature. Though the quiz was for 8 rounds, audience requested for another 2 extra rounds and it was a kind gesture on the part of the quiz master to accept the request and continue with the game.
Tough competition between students from Automation & Robotics and Commerce lead to a jackpot round and Dept of Commerce was declared as the Winners of the quiz. They were awarded the rolling cup by the Executive Director Gurkirat Singh. He congratulated all the participants and motivated them to take part in more and more such programs and bring laurels to the Institute.