Guest Lecture by Mr. Kuntal Deyon IBM Master Inventor, Senior Software Engineer(Research), IBM Research India, New Delhi on 3rd November, 2017 at GGI Campus.

Name: Mr Kuntal Dey
Designation: IBM Master Inventor, Senior Software Engineer(Research), IBM Research India, New Delhi.
Short Introduction about the speaker: Mr Kuntal Dey
Kuntal Dey has been working in IBM Research India since 2007. His primary areas of interest are natural language processing, artificial intelligence, social network/media analysis and mobile computing. He has several publications in many reputed conferences and journals. In addition, his significant volume and quality of patents have earned him the title of IBM Master Inventor. He has also been actively engaging with and guiding students at undergraduate and graduate levels back since 2003, as well as involving in part-time teaching in several universities as a Visiting Faculty.
IT Experience: January 2003 – Till date Teaching Experience (Part Time): ~8 years
USA Patents Granted / Filed: 74
Research Papers Published: 32
Nominated as IBM Master Inventor in 2015 due to outstanding contribution to IBM’s patent invention portfolio – a coveted title that is conferred by IBM to acknowledge the broad and deep sustained contribution to the patents (for having been an inventor to many high quality patents over time, as well as for mentoring many newbies to help becoming inventors).
He leads the IBM IRL technical evaluation board organization. In this role, he leads the technical evaluation of every single patent disclosure submitted by IBM IRL employees.
§ Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India, Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering (2003, class topper for some parts of the course).
§ Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering (2001).
§ M.S. (Counseling and Psychotherapy), IBMS Chittoor (2004).
§ Senior Diploma in North Indian classical music – Sangeet Prabhakar, Allahabad (1990).
§ Currently pursuing a part-time PhD from IIT Delhi in Information Technology
My core strength is in blue-sky thinking, ability to produce novel ideas that have led to multiple innovations of major technical significance leading to multiple patents and research papers, and architecting and implementing those ideas for tangible business benefits.
Technically, I have designed and implemented scalable and fast algorithms that can process large data (scaling to multiple billions of data records in some cases), and have been involved in idea generation, design, architecture and implementation of software for different settings, including analytical solutions like social network analysis applications, high-performance graph algorithms, mobile application platforms and performances, mobile application end-to-end analytics in client-server settings, communication server systems (Microsoft MSN Messenger server) and high availability application platform (VERITAS cluster server). Of late, I have been working in perception-driven cognitive computing, specifically exploring the end-to-end stack of developing a human eye gaze tracker on mobiles, and finding applications of eye gazes for diverse areas spanning from NLP, computer
vision, health, education and user interfaces.
Dated: 3rd Nov 2017
Venue: Admin Block, Seminar Hall