GGI Team wins an amazing victory today. With opposite team #SVIET #Banur


Many of you would be amazed, #Football is a very new game, originated in 20th century in England. It became so popular that King had to ban it, twice.

The game is simply amazing.Full of energy, co-ordination and great team-work. Each shot is so calculated, as if you have to #invent it.

In football, you do-not become a winner, simply by chance or good-luck, the whole team has to practice hard and master the #skills. And in#competition where every one wants to win, it is that small extra edge that makes you a winner.

GGI – Gulzar Group of Institutes team wins an amazing victory today. With opposite team #SVIET#Banur – equally strong and competent – the match ended 1 all. The thrill and excitement started with “Winner Being Decided By Penalties”. An amazing performance by Team #GGI. The boys did it 4-1.

An amazing win !!
Well Done Boys.