GGI Takes the Initiative of Starting Evening Activity Classes for Residential Students



Hostels are a platform for the students to develop their skills and explore their talents. GGI is proud to announce that it has taken the initiative of giving students an opportunity to learn and explore themselves by introducing evening activities in 10 different areas like French,Music,Spoken English,Gym,yoga,Robotics and computers to name a few. These activities are conducted in the campus in the late evening hours,i.e after the completion of their classes. These classes are not only giving the students a learning exposure but also allowing them to relax. All the students are participating with full zeal and are seen bubbling with enthusiasm.

Students are showing keen interest in learning English and develop their personality and they are actively participating in role-plays etc designed by the distinguished faculty. Sports like cricket, volleyball, basketball etc are keeping the coaches so busy that, soon there will be a need for more number of hours of coaching. French is the center of attraction as international students are a part of these classes and are enjoying being with students from other states. Music stole the heart of many and it is so good to see the students with their guitars and key boards in their classroom. As this is an era of technology, students do not ignore Robotics and computers, and are too keen to make a mark of themselves through R&D with the help of their well-known faculty. Gym and Yoga are the favorites of many students and they enjoy burning their calories and keeping themselves fit and healthy.

GGI is keen on adding more and more courses in the next few months to come in order to encourage students to become performers and achieve great heights during their course completion. It was a great initiative taken by the Executive Director Gurkirat Singh and to provide these courses free of cost to the students is note worthy.