Fire Safety Seminar Conducted at Gulzar Group of Institutes on 21 Nov 2017


Fire safety seminar conducted at Gulzar Group of Institutes by the Retd. Chief fire safety officer Mr TL Verma The entire staff of the college attended the seminar along with the management members of GGI.
The one-day seminar, which aimed to educate the faculty and staff and college students on how to appropriately respond in such calamities The children and staff are taught to Stop, Drop and Roll in the event of a fire, as well as other fire safety and prevention techniques.
With the help of the resource speakers, Retd Chief Fire safety officer Mr TL Verma, the importance of setting measures like securing and storing supplies, emergency kit, and evacuation plans were given emphasis.  Also, all were reminded to stay calm and do not panic when the fire occurs to lessen the possibility of putting oneself in danger. Participants actively enacted the scene of the dock, cover and hold and followed the proper way of evacuating after the seminar took place.
The participants with much glee and awe actively participated in the fire drill that lasted for about an hour. As a result, all learned what to do and where to run and place them for safety in case of fire.
Executive Director of GGI, S. Gurkirat Singh has shared his views on the seminar and said that these sorts of seminars and drills are very important these days and essential to educate about these situations to the entire staff and students