Habits of Success For Students

Success Habits For Students

Success comes with self management and successful habits in students.

It is best to learn success habits from success case studies. One such case study is of Japanese Railway. Japanese Railway is the most successful and best in the world. Riding a train in Tokyo if you observe the conductors have a very peculiar habit. Each operator follows the ritual of pointing at different objects and calling out commands.

For example, as the train approaches a signal, the conductor would point out at the signal and say “the signal is green”. As the train moves in or moves out of the station, the driver would look at the speedometer and shout the exact speed. The conductor would look at the time-table and speak the time on time table. As the train moves out, both conductor and driver would speak “all clear”.

The success of the said safety system  also called “pointing and calling system” has motivated many to adopt and apply the process, across many developed metros across the world, accustomed to local need.

It has been established, this simply yet highly effective successful safety system reduces the errors by up to 85% and also cuts accidents by 30%. New York Metro reported a 57% drop in errors and accidents by implementing the pointing system.

Improving Success Habits

Why is pointing-and-calling system effective to achieve success for students. It is because, your eyes, ears, mouth, hands make a conscious effort to notice. This raises your awareness level from non conscious to conscious and thus reduces the chances to make errors.

Many among us, while rushing in a hurry from home or hostel, may have done it. “I have got my keys, I have my admit card, I have my pens,I have my wallet, I am ready to go”.The more automatic this behavior becomes, the less likely is the chance to make mistakes.

How to adapt success habits

Many a times, our success or failures are the result of habits, more so as a student. Developing successful habits is an art every student can learn. That is where this Pointing and Calling approach helps. Before you proceed to make any analysis, it is important to know, the habits are not good or bad but effective habits.

And the best person to create your own Pointing and Calling habit improvement process is “you”. List out the habits you follow every single day. The best is to start from the moment you get up in the morning.

  • Wake up
  • Check the time
  • Pick the phone
  • Whats-app Messages
  • Facebook Updates
  • Check the SMS
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Carry the phone along
  • Make tea
  • Take a shower
  • Dress up
  • Polish my shoes
  • Breakfast
  • Head for the college
  • Many more activities

Mark each activity as “+” for which you think is positive, “-” for negative and “=” for which is neutral. This shall help you with refining your habits. Besides that, while you shift from one set to the next, make Pointing and Calling a process to tell your mind, what you followed and what you missed. The more you refine your habits, the more self control and assessment you would have to follow a disciplined process.

Be it Engineering, Management, Hotel Management, BCA, Mass Communication, Agriculture Science, Medical Lab Sciences the said habits would help you decide the best habits with moderation from person to person.

Students are invited to contribute their write-ups, research papers, subject presentations, project reports, art and craft videos for publication. Every student from GGI-Gulzar Group of Institutes is welcome to contribute to this initiative.