Ambassador Dr Deepak Vohra Session on "Become successful in life" to students of Gulzar Group of Institutes


Ambassador Deepak Vohra And B.N.Sharma, Inspector General (Retd) BSF in GGI on the 9th August to address the students of new academic session. Both of them enthralled the students with their impeccable lecture on communication and trust building.
The opening lines “Trust is a basic human instinct. We seek to win the trust and confidence by winning heart and mind of individuals” attracted the students and touched their young hearts. They narrated their personal experiences to the august gathering that were looking at them with all trust to learn the basic morals of life.
They spoke extensively on building trust and on the qualities one must have, to lead a good quality life. Ambassador Deepak Vohra insisted that the happiest person in the world is not the one who has wealth and riches, but the one who has someone whom he can trust to the core. This will not only bring happiness but also relaxes the nervous system, helps the brain stay healthy and reduce emotional pain.
Keeping their vast experience into consideration, he said that it is not anyone else who develop their own country but for their people. People must possess qualities like maintaining accuracy before speaking, keeping a good attitude towards all, self-discipline, to keep up promises made, punctuality, and acknowledge a favour done so that they can teach the next generation. He asked the students to use the words THANKS and SORRY liberally when and where required.
They concluded by conveying a message to all the students that being young in India today is the best time as India is roaring with development and economy is raising.