Aksahy Urja Diwas Celebrated at GGI with Project Display Competition on Renewable Energy Resources on 21 August 2017


Gulzar Group of Institutes celebrated Akshay Urja Diwas on 21 August 2017 and the students displayed their projects made with a lot of effort. The competition held between them showed how keen and engrossed they were in making their respective projects look better than the others do. We could see the Zeal and enthusiasm in students who not only participated but also all those who attended the event. Students from all branches have taken part in different activities organized by the departments.

Various activities were conducted like Presentations on renewable energy resources have stolen the heart of every spectator. The best part of the event is that not only the senior students have taken part but also the 1st year students have shown a keen interest in being a part of the project display. This event sent a message to all the students that the practical knowledge is as important as theoretical. This opportunity gave them the scope to enhance their technical skills.

Students from the International community were also present and they enjoyed the event by taking active participation. They shared that this is a unique way, which exposed them to the technical aspect of what they learned in the class until now. They were elated that they got to learn something of this kind in their first year of study.

Executive Director of GGI S Gurkirat Singh has congratulated the Staff and students on this very special event and shared quality time with students those who made projects related to solar energy wind energy and many more types of Renewable energy resources.